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Chorepiscopi are first mentioned by the ecclesiastical historian Eusebius in the second century.{{ref|1}} In the days of the very Early Church, chorepiscopi seemed to have authority in rural districts, but in the second half of the third century they were subject to the urban episcopate, or [[metropolitan|metropolitans]]s. The [[Synod]] of Ancyra (314) forbade them to ordain [[deacon|deacons]] s and [[presbyter|priests]].
The Council of Sardica in 343 decreed that chorepiscopi should not be consecrated where a priest would suffice{{ref|2}}, and gradually their numbers declined. In some [[diocese|dioceses]], the title ''chorbishop'' is sometimes used as an alternative title for an auxiliary bishop. However, it should be noted that the functions of an auxiliary usually differ from this specific office.
The modern Arabic word for a priest, ''khoury'', is etymologically taken from the Greek ''chorepiscopos''.
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