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Various fixes; there is no current "Western Patriarch" in the Orthodox Church.
A '''chorepiscopos''', or '''chorbishop''', is a rare office of [[clergy]] in the [[Church]]. The name is taken from the Greek Χωρεπίσκοπος, meaning "country [[bishop]]." It is still present in the Orthodox [[Church of Romania]].{{cite}}
The Council of Sardica in 343 decreed that chorepiscopi should not be consecrated where a priest would suffice{{ref|2}}, and gradually their numbers declined. The rank is extinct in the territory of the Western Patriarch. In some [[diocese|dioceses]], the title "''chorbishop" '' is sometimes used as an alternative title for an auxiliary bishop. However, it should be noted that the functions of an auxiliary usually differ from this specific office.
*{{note|1}} Ott, Michael T. (1913). “Chorepiscopi"Chorepiscopi." Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company*{{note|2}} Chorbishop – Canon 6 of the Council of Sardica. Note there is a lacuna in the text as translated and presented in ''The Rudder''. The esential essential word '''not''' has been omitted in the main body of the text, although the sense and the commentary make it clear it should have been included.
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