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The servant of God '''Michael''', born 3 August 1986 in Brooklyn, New York; baptised in the [ Holy Trinity Church] in Astoria, Queens, NY and a parishioner of the [ St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral] in Howell (Lakewood), NJ. While studying in Buffalo, New York, a member of the [ Ss Theodore Church] in Williamsville. My patron saint is [[Archangel_Michael|Archangel Michael]], celebrating on 8 November (21 NS).
I am currently majoring in Linguistics, but I am trying to get a minor in Russian (though I'd like a major in it as well). I have taken two courses in German, but I remember very little, though I would like to continue pursuing it; also I once took a class on Irish Gaelic, though it wasn't for credits and the price went up, so I had to drop it - I would like to pursue that language as well, but it is quite hard, as the English did a good job in dissuading the Irish from speaking their own language. I wasn't really planning on becoming much of a contributor to OrthodoxWiki, but writing articles seems to become quite addictive. ==Pages I've CreatedWorks=====Biographies===:StVery Rev. [[KingsmarkRaphael Morgan]](authored)<br>::Unforunately a stub, but I can't find any information on him! Alas, such is the fate Archbishop [[James (Toombs) of most Manhattan]] (authored)<br>[[John and Ann Betar]] (authored)<br>Hieromonk [[Nicholas Olhovsky]] (authored) ===Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Saints...===Our venerable and God-bearing Father [[Kingsmark]] (authored)<br>:St. Our father among the [[saint]]s [[Dubricius of Caerleon]](authored)<br>The holy and right-believing King [[Brychan of Brecknock]] (authored) <br>Our venerable and God-bearing Father [[Donald of Ogilvy]] (authored) <br>Our venerable Mothers, the [[Nine Maidens]] (authored) ===Scandinavian Saints===Our father among the saints [[Sigfrid of Växjö]] (authored) ===Places===[[Holy Dormition Convent (Nanuet, New York)]] "Novo-Diveevo" (authored)<br>[[St. Elizabeth the New Martyr Convent (Mohawk, New York)]] (authored)
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