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Hilarion the New

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[[Image:Hilarion the New.jpg|right|frame|St. Hilarion the New, Abbot of the Dalmatian Monastery]]
Saint '''Hilarion the New''' ([[June 6]]) was born of pious parents, Peter and Theodosia, who raised him in the virtues and instructed him in [[Holy Scripture]]. At twelve years of age St Hilarion was tonsured as a [[monk]] at the [[Hesychius monastery]] near Constantinople, and from there he transferred to the [[Dalmatus monastery]], where he received the [[Monastic Ranks|Great Schema]] and became a disciple of [[St Gregory the Dekapolite]] ([[November 20]]).
The monk deeply venerated his God-bearing patron St. [[Hilarion the Great]] ([[October 21]]), and he strove to imitate his life, so he came to be called Hilarion the New. At the Dalmatus monastery, he was ordained [[presbyter]]. After the death of the [[igumen]] the brethren wanted to elect St Hilarion to this position, but learning of this, he secretly fled to Constantinople.

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