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===As musician: The [[Psalter|Psalms]]===
Besides his role as Saul's harpist, David composed a large number of the Psalms; whether every single one was written by the king is uncertain. Most of the psalms are prefaced by a few words in both the [[Septuagint]] and Masoretic texts, and 73 of the 150 (or 151, if the one [[Deuterocanon|deuterocanonical ]] psalm is included) explicitly name David as their author. Other introductions give even more detail. For example, Psalm 51 (50 in the Septuagint), our most famous psalm of repentance, is said to have been written by David after Nathan confronted him about his affair with Bathsheba. In any case, David’s contribution to church music and liturgics cannot be ignored, as the Psalms figure prominently in Orthodox worship.
[[Image:Templeofsolomon.jpg|left|thumb|A reconstruction of what Solomon's Temple might have looked like.]]

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