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Eudokia of Heliopolis

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[[Image:Eudokia.jpg|right|frame|Saint Eudokia of Heliopolis]]
The holy and glorious [[Martyr]] '''Eudokia of Heliopolis''' (d.107) was an ascetic nun who died under the persecution of the governor Vicentius. The [[Orthodox Church]] commemorates her martyrdom on [[March 1]]. ''Eudokia'' (Gr: Ευδοκία) means ''goodwill'' in Greek.
She began life as a pagan, a Samaritan woman who lived in Phoenicia (present-day Lebanon). She was introduced to the Christian faith by the [[monk]] Germanos, who was staying at Eudokia wasted her early years living a neighboring housesinful life. Under his guidance With her blinding beauty she became led many people into sin and amassed a Christiangreat fortune.
She was introduced to the Christian faith by the [[monk]] Germanos, who was staying at a neighboring house while she was suffering a serious illness. Under his guidance she became a Christian. She was baptized by Bishop Theodotos after she had a heavenly vision. In her vision, she saw an Angel of the Lord leading her to heaven while many angels were rejoicing. She also saw a shadowy figure howling because he had been cheated because Eudokia became a Christian. Eudokia discarded her previous life to become a nun. She built a [[monastery]] near the city of Baalbeck , also known as Heliopolis, and ministered to the many people who came to receive assistance. Because of her beauty, she also had many suitors. One suitor named Philostratos was persistent enough to seek her out in the hope of securing favor before her fortune had been dissipated. Eudokia refused to help him, and, when in his anger he seemed struck dead by the Lord, she prayed to God for his recovery. Brought back to his senses, he was easily converted to Christianity.
The [[conversion]] of so many to Christianity brought [[Saint]] Eudokia to the attention of the authorities who had her beheaded in 107 AD.
==See also==
* [[Eudokia (disambiguation)]]
===Alternate spellings===
* Eudocia, Eudoxia, Evdokia, Evdocia
:and hath bestowed on thee His grace to heal,
:O wise Eudocia, thou rival of angel-kind.
===Alternate spellings===
Eudocia, Eudoxia, Evdokia, Evdocia
==External Links and Sources==
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