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Victor Pokrovsky

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'''Victor Alexandrovich Pokrovsky''' was choir director, translator, and music arranger for Metropolitan [[Sergius (Tikhomirov) of Japan]], serving in that position at the [[Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Tokyo, Japan)]] from 1924 until 1962, except for the World War II years and some of the decade following the war. He followed in the tradition of Russian missionaries of bringing the Gospel to new people in their language. In Japan, he followed in the tradition of Ss. [[Innocent of Moscow]] and [[Nicholas of Japan]] and of Nicholas's successor Sergius. In regard to liturgical music of the Japanese Orthodox Church, Victor Pokrovsky was to Sergius as [[Yakov Tikhai]] was to St. Nicholas. Victor's success was bringing the Russian liturgical music masters to the Japanese in their own language. Metr. Sergius invited Victor, an emigré of the Russian civil war, to Tokyo to introduce to the [[Church of Japan|Japanese Church]] the [[Russian Chant|Russian liturgical masterpieces]] of 19th and 20th century, in Japanese. Their association and close collaboration continued until events associated with World War II brought it to an end.
[[Image:VPokrovsky_c1925.jpg|thumb|Victor A. Pokrovsky]]
== Life ==

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