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Victor Pokrovsky

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He and the Archbishop, later named Metropolitan of All Japan, worked closely as the choir developed and the Cathedral was restored, until in 1941 the militaristic government, championing extreme nationalism, forced the non-Japanese in the Church of Japan to ‘retire.’ Now, Victor searched for a new position. He was invited to a position in San Francisco, but the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred before their ship could leave Japan. Thus, he and his family spent the war in Japan, first living in Yokohoma and then later during and after the war in Karuizawa in the Japanese Alps. The last time they saw Metropolitan Sergius was when he came to Yokohoma during the summer of 1943 to baptize their second daughter. But, in the chaos of the war Victor was able to travel from Karuizawa to attend Metropolitan Sergius’ funeral.
The war years proved to be very difficult, often living a starvation diet and, for Victor, an arrest on spying charges. It was many years before the family could return to Tokyo, but after returning Victor was invited by the new ruling bishop, Bishop Ireney, to resume his position directing the Holy Resurrection Cathedral choir. He re-stored the choir and again continued the work that was interrupted in 1941. Then, 1962, Victor with his wife and youngest daughter emigrated to the United States where he led choirs in a number of parishes before retiring in 1972 in Vienna, Virginia. He died on [[February 12]], 1990 and is buried at [[St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Monastery (South Canaan, Pennsylvania)]], a place that he said reminded him of the Russia he left so many year before.
== His Work ==

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