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Metropolis of Alexandroupolis, Traianoupolis and Samothrace

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LOL INTERNETThe '''Metropolis of Alexandroupolis, Traianoupolis and Samothrace''' is one of the metropolises of the New Lands in Greece that are within the [[jurisdiction]] of the [[Church of Constantinople]] but de facto are administered for practical reasons as part of the [[Church of Greece]] under an agreement between the churches of Athens and Constantinople. The metropolis is located in northeastern Greece. ==History==The Metropolis of Alexandroupolis was originally under the Metropolis of Traianoupolis, later under the episcopacy of Ainou and the Metropolis of Maronias. In 1885, the city "Dedeagats" (Alexandroupolis today) split from the Metropolis of Maronias and combined with the Metropolis of Ainou. In November of 1922, a Synodical decision was made under the Ecumenical Patriarch [[Meletius IV (Metaxakis) of Constantinople|Meletios Metaxakis]], founding the Metropolis of Alexandroupolis with various constraints. Today the Metropolis has about 80 clerics, 61 parishes, three holy monuments, three holy monasteries, three philanthropic organisations, and 20 graveyards with churches. ==Metropolitans==*Anthimos (Koukouridis) 2004 - Present*Anthimos (Roussa) 1993 - 2004 ==List of parishes==#Alexandroupoli##St Nicholas (Metropolitan)##St Eleutherios##St Kyriakis []##The Transfiguration of Christ##St [[Nektarios of Aegina|Nektarios]]##St Basil##St Andrew#Ferres##Panagias Kosmosotiras##St Nicholas##St Alexandros##Elevation of the Holy Cross (new Kosmosotiras)#Ss. Anargyroi, Poros#St. Demetrios, Dikella ==Monasteries=='''Male monastery:'''#The Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian (Aetohori, Evrou) - founded in 1981. '''Female convents:'''#The Holy Monastery of "Panagia of Evrou" (Makris, Alexandroupolis) - founded in 1978.#St. Athanasios "Alonion Samothraces" – [[metochia]] of [[Iviron Monastery (Athos)|Iviron monastery]] at [[Mount Athos]] <!---==Local Saints====References==<references/>---> ==Source==*[ Church of Greece Website] (Greek and English) ==External links==*The Metropolis of Alexandroupolis, Traianoupolis and Samothrace [ Official Website] (Greek) '''Monasteries'''*[ Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian, Aetohorio (Evrou, Greece)] (Greek)*[ Holy Monastery of Panagia of Evrou (Alexandroupolis, Greece)] (Greek) [[Category:Dioceses|Alexandroupolis, Traianoupolis and Samothrace]][[Category:Greek Dioceses|Alexandroupolis, Traianoupolis and Samothrace]]

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