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Pelagia of Antioch

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WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS WITH LOVE FROM EBAUMS:''Another Pelagia, also from Antioch, is commemorated likewise on October 8. She is known as Pelagia the Righteous, the Repentant, or the Venerable, rather than the Virgin-martyr.'' The holy and glorious [[Virgin-martyr]] '''Pelagia of Antioch''' was killed during the reign of the Emperor [[Diocletian]]. The Church celebrates her [[feast day]] on [[October 8]]. ==Life==She was born into a distinguished family in Antioch in the early fourth century. When she was around fifteen years old, a group of soldiers came to arrest her for being a Christian. When the soldiers attempted to sexually assault her, she jumped from her roof (or window) rather than face the dishonor it would bring her. ==External links==*[ ''Concerning Virgins''] Book 3, chapter VII. by St. [[Ambrose of Milan]]*[ "Virgin Martyr Pelagia, Venerable Pelagia and Venerable Thais: Three Holy Responses to Sexual Immorality"] Mystagogy (which quotes a large portion of St. [[John Chrysostom]]'s [[homily]] "A homily on Pelagia, Virgin and Martyr," translated into English by Wendy Mayer, from the book ''Let Us Die That We May Live'' (pp. 148-161))*[ Virginmartyr Pelagia of Antioch ([[OCA]]) [[Category:Saints]][[Category:Martyrs]][[Category:Syrian Saints]][[Category:Ante-Nicene Saints]][[Category:4th-century saints]] [[es:Pelagia de Antioquía]]
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