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Synaxis (disambiguation)

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The term '''''synaxis''''' ("gathering together" in Greek; Slavonic, ''sobor'') may refer to any of the following: *In general, any gathering of the faithful or [[clergy]] of the [[Orthodox Church]] for liturgical or administrative purposes, e.g., a [[synod]] or one of the divine services.*More specifically, a gathering to celebrate the [[Divine Liturgy]] on the day following a [[Classification of Feasts|major feast]] in honor of the [[saints]] involved in the primary celebration (e.g., on [[December 26]], the day following the [[Nativity|Nativity of Christ]] is the [[Synaxis of the Theotokos]]). *In Slavonic, cathedrals are also known as sobors.  {{disambig}} [[Category:Church Life]] [[ro:Sobor]]LOL INTERNET

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