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Stephanos (Charalambides) of Tallinn

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[[Image:Stefanos of Tallinn.jpg|frame|right|Metropolitan Stephanos of Tallinn and All Estonia]]His Eminence [[Metropolitan]] '''Stephanos (Charalambides) of Tallinn''' and All Estonia is the current [[primate]] of the [[autonomous]] [[Church of Estonia]]. He has held this position since 1999.  {{stub}}  {{start box}}{{succession|before=?<!-- Kornilii 1990 consecrated, listed Archbishop of Tallinn and All Estonia at the Orthodox Research Institute - I think this was the seat under Moscow --->|title=[[Church of Estonia|Metropolitan of Tallinn]]|years=1999-present|after=&mdash;}}{{end box}} ==External link==*[ His Eminence Stephanos] at the Orthodox Research Institute [[Category:Bishops]]LOL INTERNET

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