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Constantine (Essensky) of Richmond

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{{orthodoxyinaustralia}}The Right Reverend '''Constantine (Essensky)''' was the Bishop of Richmond in the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]]. Prior to this appointment, he served as the Bishop of Brisbane within ROCOR's [[Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)|Diocese of Australia and New Zealand]] between 1967 and 1976. {{stub}} {{start box}}{{succession|before=[[Philaret (Voznesensky) of New York|Philaret (Voznesensky)]]|title=Bishop of Brisbane (ROCOR)|years=1967-1976|after=[[Gabriel (Chemodakov) of Manhattan|Gabriel (Chemodakov)]]}}{{succession|before=—|title=Bishop of Boston|years=1978-1981|after=[[Mitrophan (Znosko-Borovsky) of Boston|Mitrophan (Znosko-Borovsky)]]}}{{succession|before=''unknown''|title=Bishop of Richmond|years=1981-1985|after=''unknown''}}{{end box}}  [[Category:Bishops]][[Category:Orthodoxy_in_Australia]]LOL INTERNET

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