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Ante-Nicene Fathers

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{{style}} The '''Ante-Nicene Fathers''' are a collection of extant writings of the Church Fathers, from the Apostolic fathers up to the date of the first General Council that was held at Nice in 325AD. The only exception to this rule, are the writings of Origen. == List of Ante-Nicene Fathers =='''The Apostolic Fathers:''' *[[Clement of Rome]], *Mathetes, *Polycarp, *Ignatius, *[[Apostle Barnabas]], *[[Papias]], *[[Justin Martyr]], *[[Irenaeus]].  '''The Second Century Fathers'''*[[Hermas]], *Tatian, *Theophilus, *Athenagoras, *Clement of Alexandria.  '''The Third Century Fathers'''*Tertullian; *Minucius Felix; *Commodian; *Origen*Hippolytus; *Cyprian; *Caius; *Novatian; *[[Gregory the Wonderworker]]; *Dinoysius the Great; *Julius Africanus; *Anatolius  '''Minor Writers;'''*Methodius and Arnobius  '''The Fourth Century fathers'''*Lactantius, *Venantius, *Asterius, *Victorinus, *Dionysius == See also ==*[[Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers]] [[Category:Ante-Nicene Fathers]]LOL INTERNET

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