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Elizabeth the Wonderworker

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Our venerable Mother '''Elizabeth the Wonderworker''' of Constantinople (also called ''Elizabeth the Dragon-slayer'') was an [[abbess]]. Although some sources say she reposed in the year 540, others maintain that dates from the sixth through the ninth century are possible. Her [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[April 24]].
==External links==
*[http Elizabeth the Wonderworker] ([[GOARCH]])
*[ The Venerable Elizabeth] (''[[Prologue of Ohrid]]'')
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*[ St Elizabeth the Wonderworker of Constantinople: Troparion - Tone 8] (OCA)
*[ St. Elizabeth the Wonderworker, Abbess in Constantinople] [[Troparion]] ([[Tone]] 5) and [[Kontakion]] (Tone 8)
*[ "Life of St. Elisabeth the Wonderworker"] translated by [[Valerie A. Karras|Valerie Karras]], an extract from ''Holy Women of Byzantium: Ten Saints' Lives in English Translation'', edited by Alice-Mary Talbot
*[ "Ven. Elizabeth the Wonderworker" (PDF)] from [[Sergius V. Bulgakov|Bulgakov]]'s ''Handbook for Church Servers'', translated by Fr. Eugene Tarris (OCA)
*[ The Nun Elizabeth the Wonderworker]
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