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Items of note
==Items of note==
*I have [[User:ASDamick/Wiki-philosophy|some ideas about what works best for OrthodoxWiki]].
*I am often somewhat "[[w:Vulcan (Star Trek)|Vulcan]]" when it comes to management issues on the Internet—it's not out of a lack of humor or compassion, but out of years of experience online that it's the approach that works best. I also will sometimes adopt a sort of "Gandalf-talking-to-Saruman-at-the-foot-of-Orthanc" sort of approach when dealing with someone whose invincible absurdity and obstreperousness particularly strike me. Neither is without precedent even in Scripture.
*I'm occasionally curmudgeonly, but don't usually mean to be. I also can't help but think in complete sentences, which can actually be rather debilitating at times.
*If you think I'm following you around on OrthodoxWiki (i.e., you notice I'm adding edits to articles shortly after you do), it's mainly because I keep my eye on [[Special:Recentchanges]] and notice what's seeing action. I can't help putting my oar in, as my grandmother used to say.
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