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Islam teaches that [[God]] (in Arabic, ''Allah'') revealed his direct word and commands for mankind to Muhammad (c. 570–632) in the form of the Qur'an (also ''Koran''), and to other [[prophet]]s (including [[Adam]], [[Abraham]], [[Moses]], and [[Jesus]]), many of whom are [[Bible|Biblical]] figures shared with Christianity and [[Judaism]]. Despite admitting the ministry of prophets earlier than Muhammad, Islam asserts that the primary written record of God's revelation to humankind is the Qur'an, which Muslims believe to be flawless, immutable, and the final revelation of God.
Islam has been termed one of the the three Abrahamic religions, along with Christianity and Judiasm. At times, the [[Bahá'í Faith]] is also included.
Islam teaches that parts of the [[Bible]] have been forgotten, misinterpreted, or distorted by Christians and Jews. Given this perspective, Islam views the Qur'an as corrective of Jewish and Christian scriptures.
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