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Talk:Vatopedi Monastery (Athos)

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The monks at Vatopedi attest the name is derived from the discovery of a child ('pedi' in Greek means child) found under a vatos (could be shrubs or a large rock or such but I am not sure of this). The way it was explained by the monks themselves is that the child was the lost son of a nobleman who prayed for his safe return, once miraculously found alive a monastery was built in dedication to the mother of God at the place where the child was found named “Vatopedi
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In the sketes section, what does "St. Andrew (Serri)" mean? I'm assuming this is the Apostle Andrew. —[[User:Magda|<b>magda</b>]] ([[User_talk:Magda|talk]]) 15:07, May 29, 2008 (UTC)
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