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Western Rite and Old Calendarists

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Ecumenism and the Western Rite
'''The Old Calendarists.''' By 1969, ROCOR intervened in the Old Calendarist situation by recognizing the consecrations on her part of six Bishops for the [[Old_Calendarists#Divisions_within_the_Florinites|Florinites]]. In 1984, fifteen years later, the Primate of the Greek Old Calendarists at the time, Archbishop Auxentios of Athens, established a provincial Missionary Synod for Western Europe and the Americas (which became known as the "Milan Synod") which eventually absorbed the various American communities of the Western rite that were, at this point, operating with a small, but functional hierarchy of a few Bishops in 1990.
In Europe, the ROCOR's role in the formation of the Church of France is undisputed, as the French Church's existence , part of the Western Rite Mission of the Moscow Patriarchate, was blessed given a Bishop by St John of Shanghai and San Francisco. However, the majority of the Church of France's parishes (in France ) are on the New Calendar.
=="Catastrophist" Thought and Orthodox Traditionalism==

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