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Panagia tou Harou

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At '''Panagia tou Harou''' is the church name of St. John the Theologian, Leipsoi (Greece), dominates the unique icon (unique in all of the world) of which depicts the Virgin Mary, which is not holding the Holy Child but cradling the Crucified Christ rather than the God Child from where it derives gets its name '''Panagia tou Harou''' (Harou Haros in Greek meanind means death). This icon is found in the church of Saint John the Theologian, Leipsoi (Greece). The annual commemoration festival of the icon takes place [[August 23]] where when the island of Leipsi Leipsoi fills with visitors pilgrims from all over the Dodecanese, to witness the procession of the icon around the entire islands island and see the annual blossoming of the dead bouquet of lilies at lillies on the icon.
== History ==
In the 1940s, a maiden was praying to the "Panagia tou Harou" icon (The Virgin Mary of Haron). Her Because her prayers were metanswered, so she placed a simple bouquet of lilies lillies on the icon. The lilies lillies withered and but remained on the icon. The following year, at the leave-taking of the lilies feast of the Dormition [[August 23]], the lillies blossomed again and gave off a fragrance on August 23rd. Since then, every year this miracle occurs annually on this the day, of the lilies blossom and give off a fragrancefeast.
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