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I'm a Southerner by birth and at heart, though I do wish there were more proper bakeries south of the Mason-Dixon Line. That's possibly one of the major things Yankees have gotten right. (They tend to do autumn fairly splendidly, too, though the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia can give 'em all a run for their money.)
I additionally serve as one of OrthodoxWiki's lowly [[Special:Listadmins|sysops]], and I've been editing on OrthodoxWiki since [[December 17]], 2004, being the 10th user account created here. If you have a question or comment or want to reply to a message I left for you, leave it on my [[User talk:ASDamick|Talk page]] (I might not see it if you leave it somewhere else). I can't guarantee I'll get back to you immediately, though, given my responsibilities in the 3D world. If needed, try one of the other [[Special:Listadmins|admins]].
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*If you think I'm following you around on OrthodoxWiki (i.e., you notice I'm adding edits to articles shortly after you do), it's mainly because I keep my eye on [[Special:Recentchanges]] and notice what's seeing action. I can't help putting my oar in, as my grandmother used to say.
*I'm very much prone to asking the question, "Do we really need an article on [X] on OrthodoxWiki?" Unless we have something original, useful and substantial to offer, my view is that the wiki should be kept as small as possible. Running a tight ship helps to ensure that we remain on course.
*I was 've been editing on OrthodoxWiki since [[December 17]], 2004, being the 10th user account created on OrthodoxWiki , and have contributed over 11,000 edits.
*I like taking photographs, and you can see my work on OrthodoxWiki in the [[:Category:Damick Images|Damick Images category]].
*Although I am an administrator on OrthodoxWiki, I'm really more interested in working on content than in administrative stuff.
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