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Clement of Rome

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[[Image:Clemens I.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Clement of Rome]]
Our father among the saints '''Clement of Rome''' (also called '''Clemens Romanus''' to distinguish him from [[Clement of Alexandria]]) was the third in succession after the [[Apostle Peter]] as bishop of Rome. Clement is known mainly for the letter he wrote to the Corinthians in about AD 96. He is counted among the [[Church Fathers|apostolic fathers]]. His [[feast day]] is [[November 23]] in the west, but in the east he is remembered on [[November 25]]).
The [[First Epistle of Clement|letter ]] sent in about the year 96 to the Church of Corinth in the name of the [[Church of Rome]] has been attributed to Clement. The letter was sent in an attempt to restore peace and unity in the Corinthian church, where apparently a few violent people had revolted against the leadership of the [[church]] community.
A second letter to the Corinthians had also been attributed to Clement based upon its inclusion in a Greek manuscript that included Clement’s first letter, with the title of “Second Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians.” But, when a missing ending to the “letter” was found, it proved to be a [[homily]] of unknown authorship.
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