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Convent of Our Lady of Saydnaya

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The convent of '''Our Lady of Sadnaya''' is located in the mountains north of the city of [[Damascus]] of Syria. The convent is under the jurisdiction of the [[Church of Antioch]].
The convent was founded c. 547 <ref> This date has been documented by the convent, in its library which contains hundreds of valuable manuscripts. </ref>
== Saidnaya ==
The city of Saidnaya is closely associated to ancient ecclesiastical history from within the [[Holy Bible]]. It is considered by many scholars to be second in importance to Jerusalem and pilgrims from all over the world visit.
== Icon of Our Lady of Sadnaya ==
== The Miracle in Syria ==
:Immediately after this, the Saudi Arabian called his relatives to come to Syria and they all went together to the monastery of Panagia Saidnaya and offered up prayers, praises, and glorification, and instead of the initial gift of $80,000 US (which was promised), he gave $800,000 US to the Theotokos [the “God-Bearer", i.e. Virgin Mary]. Today, as this man relates the details of that overwhelming miracle, he starts his narration with "When I was a Moslem this happened to me" this indicating he is not longer a Moslem, as neither is his family.
== Notes ==
== References ==

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