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Crescens of Myra

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[[Saint]] [[Crescens|Crescens of Myra]] the [[Martyr]] whose memory is celebrated on [[April 15]] was born into an illustrious family in Myra of Lycia. Of his own accord he confronted the pagans, imploring them to reject their futile [[idol]]s and [[worship]] the One True [[God]] who is worshipped by the [[Christian]]s. [[Crescens|Crescens of Myra]] was arrested and brought before the authorities where he was questioned about his lineage. To this he replied only that he was a [[Christian]]. [[Crescens|Crescens of Myra]] was offered freedom if he would offer [[sacrifice]] to the [[idol]]s but he valiantly refused. This infuriated the ruler who ordered that he be hung up, beaten, have his flesh torn and finally thrown into a furnace where he gave up his [[soul]] for the love of [[Christ]] while his earthly body was not harmed by the flames.

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