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English saint names: new section
Having said that, I have no problem if we elect to use the Slavic forms as a standard for the names of the tones, but there probably should be a statement to that effect in the Style Manual one way or another so that we have a consistent practice. [[User:Paterakis|Paterakis]] 21:38, June 30, 2007 (PDT)
== English saint names ==
It ''really drives me crazy'' when I come across transliterated Greek names in English language Orthodox material. Brings back memories of attending a Greek parish, where I always explicitly introduced myself as Basil, and was constantly called "Vasily" and, especially when receiving communion, "Vasilios," as if my English name was not good enough. This practice drives me nuts. Really.
With respect to saints names, I would like to recommend, as an amendment to the existing style guide, that less common names be cross-referenced to a few standard places. I recommend, first of all, the calendar published on [ The Protection of the Mother of God] parish site. It seems to get most of these names right. Another would be to consult the Catholic Encyclopedia on [ New Advent]. The Catholics, though we may disagree with them on several points of theology, have been Englishing Christianity for a wee bit longer than we have. (England was Catholic for centuries prior to Henry VIII, and Anglicanism retains much of the language inherited from English Catholicism.) Many less common names still have English counterparts, even if they are merely latinized spellings with anglicized pronunciations. Evangelicals won't be familiar with them, but it's fairly certain that Anglicans and Catholics probably will be, to greater and lesser degrees, depending on their education level.
I welcome other ideas on this. --[[User:Basil|Basil]] 01:17, April 15, 2008 (UTC)

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