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Athanasius (disambiguation)

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There are several [[saints]] with this name:
* St. Athanasius ο κομενταρήσιος ([[January 4]]) * St. '''[[Athanasius of Attalia]]''' the Martyr ([[January 7]]), Gr. Άτταλείας * St. [[Athanasius the Martyr]] ([[January 13]])* St. '''[[Athanasius of Alexandria]]''' ([[January 18]]), also known as '''Athanasius the Great''' (translation of relics celebrated ([[May 2]])*St. Athanasius the confessor ([[February 22]])*St. [[Athanasius the Martyr]] ([[March 9]])*St. Athanasius, founder of Meteora monasteries ([[April 20]])*St. [[Athanasius the Martyr]], from witchcraft ([[April 23]])*St. Athanasius, Bishop of Korinth ([[May 4]])*St. Athanasius the New, Bishop of Chriotianoupoleos ([[May 17]])*St. Athanasius, the virgin-miracle worker ([[June 3]])*St. Athanasius, the "Pentaskinitis" ([[June 20]])*St. [[Athanasius the Martyr]], the unknown ([[June 23]])*St. Athanasius of "Parios" ([[June 24]]), Gr. ''ο Πάριος''*St. Athanasius of Athos ([[July 5]])*St. [[Athanasius the Martyr]] ([[July 18]])*St. Athanasius of Kios, the New-Martyr ([[July 24]])*St. Athanasius, the Priest martyr ([[August 22]])*St. '''[[Athanasius of Brest-Litovsk]]''', the Russian ([[September 5]])*St. Athanasius of Thessaloniki, the new-Martyr ([[September 8]])*St. Athanasius, the first Patriarch of Constantinople ([[October 28]])*St. Athanasius, the priest-martyr ([[October 29]])*St. [[Athanasius the Martyr]] ([[November 7]])*St. Athanasius the Russian, the 'Εγκλειστος ([[December 2]])----Withough commemoration:
*St. Athanasius of Limnos, new-martyr
*St. Athanasius the Demondestroyer (Gr. Δαιμονοκαταλύτης)
*St. Athanasius, Bishop of Chytron, Cyprus (Gr. Χυτρών, Κύπρου)

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