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[[Image:Athanasius.jpg|100px|St. Athanasius the Great]]
</div>[[Saint]] [[Athanasius the Great]], [[Patriarch]] of Alexandria; Saint [[Athanasius of Lubensk]], [[Patriarch of Constantinople]]; [[Martyr]]s [[Hesperus, Zoe, Cyriacus, and Theodulus|Hesperus, Zoe, and their sons Cyriacus and Theodulus]], at Attalia; Saint Boris-Michael, [[Equal-to-the-Apostles]], prince and [[baptism|baptizer]] of Bulgaria; Saint [[Jordan the Wonder-worker]]; Martyr Wiborada, anchoress of St. Gallen in Germany (see also [[May 11]])<!-- --->; translation of the [[relics]] of the Holy [[Passion-bearer]]s Boris and Gleb (in holy baptism, Romanus and David); [[Icon]] of the [[Theotokos]] of Putivilsk
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