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[[Image:Agnes.jpg|100px|St. Agnes]]
</div>[[Leavetaking]] of the [[Theophany]] of Our Lord and Savior [[Jesus Christ]]; [[Saint]] [[Sava of Serbia|Sabbas]] of [[Chilandari Monastery (Athos)|Hilandar Monastery]] on [[Mount Athos]], first [[Archbishop]] of Serbia (see also [[January 12]]); the Holy Fathers slain at Sinai and Raithu: Isaiah, Sabbas, Moses and his [[disciple]] Moses, Jeremiah, Paul, Adam, Sergius, Domnus, Proclus, Hypatius, Isaac, Macarius, Mark, Benjamin, Eusebius, Elias and others; Saint [[Nino of Cappadocia|Nina]], [[Equal-to-the-Apostles]], [[Enlightener]] of Georgia; Saint Agnes the [[Virgin-martyr]]; Saint Stephen, [[Abbot]] of Chenolakos [[Monastery]] near Chalcedon; Saint Theodoulos, son of St. Nilus the [[Fast]]er of Sinai (see [[November 12]]); Saint Joseph Analytinus of Raithu Monastery; [[New-Martyr]] Platon, [[Archbishop]] of Reval (Estonia), and with him the [[presbyter]]s Michael and Nicholas; new martyrs slain at Raithu Monastery, and New [[Hieromartyr]] Ambrose of Sarapul; Saint Kentigern Mungo, [[Bishop]] of Strathclyde, Scotland<!-- (see also [[January 13]]) --->; Saint Felix, [[Confessor]] of Nola
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