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[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>[[Saint]] Theodore Trichinas ("the Hair-shirt Wearer"), [[hermit]] near Constantinople; Saint [[Anastasius of Sinai|Anastasius]], [[abbot]] of [[Sinai]]; Blessed Gregory and Blessed [[Anastasius I of Antioch|Anastasius]], [[Patriarch]]s of Antioch; Hieromartyr [[Anastasius II of Antioch|Anastasius II]], [[Patriarch]] of Antioch; [[Venerable]] Alexander, abbot of Oshevensk; Child-martyr [[Gabriel of Slutsk]]; Saints Betran and Theotimus, [[Bishop]]s in Lesser Scythia; Saints Athanasius and Ioasaph of Meteora, [[monk]]s; [[Apostle Zacchaeus]], Bishop of Caesarea; Saint Caedwalla (Peter), King of Wessex; Saint Joseph of Serbia; Martyrs Victor, Zoticos, Zeno, Acindynos, and Severian of Nicomedia; 6,000 martyrs of the St. David Gareji [[Monastery]], Georgia; translation of the [[relics]] of Saint Nicholas Velimirovich, Bishop of Ochrid and Zicha; repose of Schemamonk Ignatius of Saint Nicephorus Monastery in Olonets
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