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Demetrius (disambiguation)

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The name '''Demetrius''' (Gr. Δημήτριος) means "son of Demeter" (Gr. Damater), lit. "Earth-Mother," from da, Doric form of Gk. ge "earth" + mater. Variations on this name include DemetriusDemetrios, Demetri, Dimitrios, Dimitrius, Dimitri and Dmitri.
There are several [[saints]] with this name:
*St. Demetrios of Samarina Pindou, the young Martyr ([[August 17]] and [[August 18]])
*St. Demetrios ([[September 11]])
*St. '''[[Demetrios Demetrius of Thessaloniki]]''' (d. 306), the most venerated "demetriosDemetrius" in the orthodox church and is also known as "the Great" and "the Myrrh-flowingstreaming" ([[October 26]]).
*St. '''[[Dimitri of Rostov]]''' (1651-1709), a Russian bishop ([[September 21]] and [[October 28]]))
*St. Demetrios the Martyr ([[November 15]])

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