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Theotokos of the Passion

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[[Image:Mother of God of the Passion.JPG|right|frame|The Theotokos of the Passion]]
The '''Theotokos of the Passion''' is one of the most recognized [[icon]]s of the Mother of God (''[[Theotokos]]''). Traditionally, it is said to be one of the icons written by St. [[Apostle Luke|Luke the Evangelist]], and it is known in the Western Churches (primarily the [[Roman Catholic Church]]) as '''Our Lady of Perpetual Help''' The icon's commemoration is celebrated on [[April 30]]and on the sixth Sunday after [[Pascha]] ([[Pentecostarion#Sixth_Sunday_of_Pascha:_The_Blind_Man|Sunday of the Blind Man]]). (The Roman Catholic Church celebrates this memorial on June 27.)

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