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The name '''''Mary''''' is first seen as "Miriam" in the [[Old Testament]], as the name of Moses' sister. Since they were living in Egypt, it is reasonable to assume that the name is associated with the Egyptian "Mery" or "Meryt" which means "cherished" or "beloved." "Mary" could refer to any of the following:
*The Ever-virgin '''[[Theotokos|Mary the Theotokos]]''', the Mother of Jesus Christ
*St. Mary the Grandmother of the Theotokos
*St. Mary (Miriam or Mariam) the sister of [[Moses ]] (celebrated the Sunday before Christmas) (; [[December 18]])*St. Mary , wife of St. Xenophon ([[January 26]])*St. Mary the martyr , sister of Martha and Lycarion ([[February 8]])*St. Mary the nun (Marinus), daughter of the monk St. Eugene, at Alexandria ([[February 12]])
*St. Mary of Pergp ([[March 21]])
*'''[[Mary of Egypt]]''' ([[April 1]])
*St. Mary the Myrrh-bearer , wife of Cleopas ([[May 23]])*'''[[Mary of Bethany]]''' , sister of Martha and Lazarus ([[June 4]]), sister of Martha and Lazarus*St. Mary , one of the martyr five virgin-martyrs of Caesarea in Palestine ([[June 6]])*St. Mary , one of the martyr five nuns martyred in Persia ([[June 9]] and [[September 26]])*St. Mary the Chinese ([[June 11]])
*'''[[Mary Magdalene]]''' ([[July 22]])
*St. Mary of Patrikia or Constantinople, martyr ([[August 9]])*St. Mary of Mesopotamia, niece of St. Abramius the Recluse ([[October 29]])*The newNew-martyr Mary the "Methymopoula"([[May 1]])
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