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*The Ever-virgin '''[[Theotokos|Mary the Theotokos]]''', the Mother of Jesus Christ
*St. Mary the Grandmother of the Theotokos*St. Mary the sister of Moses (celebrated the Sunday before Christmas) ([[December 18]])*St. Mary [[January 26]]*St. Mary the martyr [[February 8]])*St. Mary ([[February 12]])*St. Mary of Pergp ([[March 21]])*'''[[Mary of Egypt]]''' ([[April 1]])*St. Mary the Myrrh-bearer ([[May 23]])*'''[[Mary of Bethany]]'''([[June 4]]), sister of Martha and Lazarus*'''St. Mary the martyr ([[June 6]])*St. Mary the martyr ([[June 9]] and [[September 26]])*St. Mary of Egyptthe Chinese ([[June 11]]'''*'''[[Mary Magdalene]]'''([[July 22]])*St. Mary of Patrikia ([[August 9]])*St. Mary ([[October 29]])*The new-martyr Mary the "Methymopoula"

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