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New Testament

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Books of the New Testament: standardizing links (based on Holy Scripture links)
[[Apostle Paul|Pauline]] Epistles:
:[[Romans]], [[I Corinthians]], [[II Corinthians]], [[Galatians]], [[Ephesians]], [[Philippians]], [[Colossians]], [[I Thessalonians]], [[II Thessalonians]], [[I Timothy]], [[II Timothy]], [[Book of Titus|Titus]], [[Book of Philemon|Philemon]], and [[Book of Hebrews|Hebrews]].
The General Epistles:
:[[Book of James|James]], [[I Peter]], [[II Peter]], [[I John]], [[II John]], [[III John]], and [[Book of Jude|Jude]].
And Revelation:
===General epistles===
The General or Catholic Epistles are those written to the church at large ("catholic" in this sense simply means "universal").
*[[Book of James|Epistle of James]], traditionally by [[James the Just]], brother of Jesus and Jude Thomas.
*[[I Peter]] and [[II Peter]], traditionally by the [[Apostle Peter|Apostle Simon]], called Peter.
*[[I John]], [[II John]], and [[III John]], traditionally by the [[Apostle John]], son of Zebedee.
*[[Book of Jude|Jude]], traditionally by the [[Apostle Jude]] Thomas, brother of Jesus and James.
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