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Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas

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[[Image:Gregory Palamas Dionysiou.jpg|right|frame|St. Gregory Palamas]]
The '''Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas''' is the Second Sunday of [[Great Lent]]. It commemorates St . [[Gregory Palamas]] (+1359) . It is falls between the [[Sunday of Orthodoxy]] and the [[Sunday of the Holy Cross]].
Each of the Sundays of Great Lent has its own special themes. They These can be seen as historical and spiritual. This Sunday’s Sunday's theme is that men can become divine (''[[theosis]]'') through the grace of God in the [[Holy Spirit]].
===Historical theme===
It was St. Gregory (remembered on [[November 14]]), who bore witness that by [[prayer]] and [[fasting]] human beings can become participants of the uncreated light of God's divine glory even in this life. After his [[glorification ]] in 1368, a second commemoration of St . Gregory Palamas was appointed for this Second Sunday of Great Lent as a second ''Triumph of Orthodoxy''. It celebrates the condemnation of St. Gregory's enemies and the vindication of his teachings by the Church.
This Sunday was originally dedicated to St . [[Polycarp of Smyrna]] ([[February 23]]). === Spiritual theme ===The spiritual theme, adds to the First Sunday of Great Lent’s Lent's theme, ''faith''. In addition to faith, one needs ''effort''. The scripture readings are [[Book of Hebrews|Hebrews]] 1:10-2:3 and [[Gospel of Mark| Mark]] 2:1-12. The [[epistle]] says to ''give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away… away... how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?'' And the The Gospel lesson has the image of ''effort and desire'' in the paralytic who is brought to [[Christ ]] through the roof.
[[Troparion]] ([[Tone ]] 8) []
:O light of Orthodoxy, teacher of the Church, its confirmation,
:O ideal of monks [[monk]]s and invincible champion of theologians[[theologian]]s,
:O wonder-working Gregory, glory of Thessalonica and preacher of grace,
:Always [[intercession|intercede ]] before the Lord that our souls may be saved. [[Kontakion]] (Tone 4)
[[Kontakion]] (Tone 4) []
:Now is the time for action!
:Judgment is at the doors!
:So that we may receive the incorruptible crowns."
Kontakion (Tone 8)[]
:Holy and divine instrument of wisdom,
:joyful trumpet of theology,
*''Great Lent, : Journey to Pascha'', By by Fr. [[Alexander Schmemann]] (1974) , St . Vladimir's Seminary Press - . ISBN 0913836044 ==External links==*[ 2nd Sunday of Great Lent: St Gregory Palamas] ([[OCA]])*[ The Sunday of Saint Gregory Palamas] ([[GOARCH]])*[ Lenten Synaxarion: Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas] 
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