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Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia

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Diocese of Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and All East Asia
His Grace Daniel is Bishop of the Holy Diocese of Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and All East Asia.
The following is a list of the churches under the Dioceseand the priests serving in each church:
*'''St. Mary & St. Mina Cathedral; Bexley, NSW'''
**Fr Bassilious Gad
**Fr Youssef Fanous
*'''*Anba Abraam & Pope Shenouda Coptic Centre; Long Point, NSW'''
**Fr Mina Discoros
**Fr Paula Elkomos Balamon
*'''*Anba Abraam & Fr. Mikhail El-Behery; Peakhurst, NSW'''
**Fr Moussa Soliman
*'''*Archangel Michael & St Bishoy; Mt Druitt, NSW'''
**Fr Antonious Kaldas
**Fr Botros Morkos
**Fr Gabriel Yassa
**Fr Bishoy Botros
*'''*St. Antonious & St. Paula; Guildford, NSW'''
**Fr Tadros Samaan
**Fr Shenouda Mansour
**Fr Suriel Hanna
*'''*St. Barbara & Abba Nofer the Hermit; Campbelltown, NSW *'''*St. George; Kensington, NSW'''
**Fr Markos Tawfik
**Fr Rafael Iskander
**Fr Matthew Attia
*'''*St. George & Prince Tadros; Liverpool, NSW'''**Fr Gawargios Ramandious*'''*St. Demiana & St. Athanasius; Punchbowl, NSW'''
**Fr Hanna Gad
**Fr George Nakhil
*'''*St. Mark; Arncliffe, NSW'''
**Fr Yacoub Magdy
**Fr Augustinos Nada
**Fr Jonathan Ishak
*'''*St. Mary & St. Mercurius Abu Sefein; Rhodes, NSW'''
**Fr Bishoy Yassa
**Fr Youhanna Bestawros
**Fr Mikhail Mikhail
*'''*St. Mary, St. Bakhomious & St. Shenouda; Kirrawee, NSW'''
**Fr Tadros El-Bakhoumi
**Fr Sharobim Sharobim
*'''*St. Mary & St. Sidhom Bishay; Dural, NSW'''
**Fr Misael El-Antouny
*'''*St. Mary & St. Marina; Liandilo, NSW'''
**Fr Louka Malik
*'''St. Paul & St. Ruweis; Collaroy, NSW'''**Fr Makarios Ibrahim*'''The Apostles & St Abanoub; Blacktown, NSW'''**Fr Pavlos Hanna**Fr Athanasius Ibrahim**Fr Arsanius Barsoum*'''St. Mary & St. George; Minmi, NSW'''**Fr Demian El-Antouny Ava Moussa*'''St. Mary & St. John the Beloved; Wagga Wagga, NSW'''**Fr Yustus Wasif*'''St. Maximos & St. Domadios; Goulburn, NSW'''*'''St. John the Baptist & Elijah the Prophet; Dubbo, NSW'''*'''St. Mary & St Joseph; Calamvale, QLD'''**Fr David Mahrous*'''St. Mina & St Antonious; Southport, QLD'''**Fr Yacoub El-Antouny*'''The Four Incorporeal Creatures Church; Bribie Island, QLD'''*'''St. Mark & St George; Strathpine, QLD'''**Fr Moussa El-Antouny*'''St. Mary & St Antonious Monastery; Beaudesert, QLD'''*'''St. Mary, St Moses the Mighty & St Takla Haimanot; Darwin, NT'''*'''St. George; Kagoshima, Japan'''**Fr Thomas Kanazaki*'''St. Mark & St. George; Bangkok, Thailand'''**Fr Silwanis El-Antouny*'''St. Mark; Singapore'''*'''St. Thomas; Hong Kong'''*'''St. Mary & Archangel Michael; Guangzhou, China'''*'''St. Mary & St. Mark; Malacca, Malaysia'''**Fr Joseph Sim
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