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Jonah of Moscow

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After Isidore had been condemned by a [[synod|council]] of Russian [[hierarch]]s and [[clergy]] in 1441, for his support of Catholicism and the reuniting of the Eastern and Western Churches, they deposed him, and he was compelled to flee secretly to Rome, where he died in 1462.
St Jonah was unanimously chosen Metropolitan of All Russia. He was consecrated by Russian hierarchs in Moscow, with the blessing of Patriarch [[Gregory III of Constantinople|Gregory III]] (1445-1450) of Constantinople. Metropolitan Jonah received the patriarch's approval only after Constantinople's collapse in 1453. This was the first time that Russian bishops consecrated their own metropolitan. St Jonah became metropolitan on [[December 15]], 1448. This signified the establishment of the [[autocephaly]] of the Russian Orthdox Orthodox Church. In 1451, Jonah took under his control the Lithuanian [[diocese]].
In 1451 the Tatars unexpectedly advanced on Moscow. Metr. Jonah led a procession along the walls of the city, petitioning God to save the city and the people. Seeing the dying [[monk]] Anthony of the Chudov monastery, who was noted for his virtuous life, St Jonah said, "My son and brother Anthony! Pray to the merciful God and the [[Theotokos|All-Pure Mother of God]] for the deliverance of the city and for all Orthodox Christians."
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