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Lazarus (Moore)

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Hey, Fr Lazarus was British; let's have the Queen's English on this page (e.g. 'labourer', 'travelled', etc.).
The future [[Archimandrite]] Lazarus was born Edgar Moore, in Swindon, England, on the [[October 18]], 1902. At the age of 18, he moved to Alberta, Canada, where he worked as a farm laborer labourer for several years. It was here that he sensed a "call from God" (his own words) to become a missionary. For the next five years he studied at St Augustine's College in Canterbury, England - a training-college for Anglican missionaries. In 1930 he was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]] in the Church of England, and then, in 1931, an Anglican priest. Following this in 1933 he traveled travelled to India, where he joined the Christa Seva Sangha, an Anglo-Indian brotherhood with an ashram at Poona.
Drawn towards Orthodoxy, Edgar traveled travelled in either 1934 or 1935 (there is some uncertainty about the date) to Palestine, [[Mount Athos]] and then Serbia, where he was received by [[Metropolitan]] [[Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev|Anthony (Khrapovitsky)]] into the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]], which at that time was centred in Sremsky Karlovsky, near Belgrade. He was then professed a [[monastic|monk]] at Mikovo Monastery, before being ordained by [[Archbishop]] Feofan (ROCOR) in January 1936 to the priesthood.
Fr Lazarus was then sent to the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem, where he worked closely with Abbess Mary (Robinson) and Mother Mary (Sprott), both converts from Anglicanism at the Russian Convent of St Mary Magdalene on Gethsemane. Whilst in (what was then) Palestine, Fr Lazarus taught at the school in Bethany which was maintained by the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission.
In 1972, Archimandrite Lazarus was called to Greece, where he contemplated settling; but in 1974, he was called to Australia. In Australia, Archimandrite Lazarus developed contacts with Pentecostalism and the charismatic movement, which he viewed in a positive light. In this Archimandrite Lazarus' views diverged widely from his ROCOR [[Bishop]], leading the Archimandrite to write to his Bishop, seeking canonical release. His Bishop never replied to the letter, but nonetheless Archimandrite Lazarus transferred to the jurisdiction of the [[Patriarchate of Antioch]].
In 1983, upon the invitation of Fr. [[Peter Gillquist]], Archimandrite Lazarus traveled travelled to California, to assist with the integration of the former [[Evangelical Orthodox Church]] into canonical Orthodoxy. This would be the most successful missionary endeavour in which Archimandrite Lazarus would be involved, with this group being received by the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese in 1987.
He moved to Alaska in 1989 to continue this work of helping Evangelical Orthodox integration, relocating to St John's [[Cathedral]] in Eagle River, Alaska, a large center founded by Evangelical Orthodox, and now Antiochian. Shortly before his death he was visited by a ROCOR priest who reconciled him to ROCOR. On [[November 27]], 1992, Archimandrite Lazarus reposed in Eagle River, Alaska, from cancer. He was buried in the cemetery at St John's Cathedral.

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