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Lazarus (Moore)

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Books Translated: Additions
*''[[The Ladder of Divine Ascent]]'', by St [[John Climacus]]
*''The [[Psalter]]''.
*''The Four [[Gospel|Gospels]]''. (This translation remains unpublished.)
*''The Arena: an offering to contemporary monasticism'', by St [[Ignatius Brianchaninov]]. Jordanville NY: [[Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, New York)|Holy Trinity Monastery]] Press, 1991.
*''On the Prayer of Jesus'', by St [[Ignatius Brianchaninov]]. Boston, MA: New Seeds, 2006.*The Russian ''Prayer Book'', often called ''the Old Jordanville Prayer Book'', available [ The Old (Fronline]. Lazarus Moore translation) Jordanville Prayer Book, Online]
==Books Authored==

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