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[[Image:Rublev Trinity.jpg|100px|The Holy Trinity]]
</div>[[ Martyrs Alexanders and Hypatius, at Marcianopolis in Thracia (c. 305);Martyr Anthony, burned alive;Saint]] [[Tarasius of Constantinople|Tarasios]]Theodore, [[ArchbishopFool-for-Christ]] of Constantinople; Hieromartyr [[HieromartyrReginos of Skopelos]]s Reginos, [[Bishop]] of the isle of Skopelos, and (355);Saint Markellos, Bishop of Apamea Aipeia in Syria Cyprus (389) (''see also [[August 14]]'');Venerables Erasmus and Paphnutius of Kephala, monks, contemporaries of St. Anthony the Great (4th century); Saint [[MartyrTarasius of Constantinople]]s Alexander , Patriarch of Constantinople (806);Saints Donatus, Justus, Herena and Hypatius Companions, a group of Markianopolis<!-- fifty martyrs who suffered in North Africa under Decius (3rd century);Saint Ethelbert, King of Thrace? --->Kent (616); Saint Walburgh Aldetrudis (''Adeltrudis'') of Maubeuge Abbey (c. 696)Saint Walburga) the Myrrh-Giver, [[Abbess]] of Heidenheim (779) (''see also [[May 1]]- Translation''); Saint Polycarp Victor of St. Gall, monk at St Gall in Switzerland, became a hermit in the Vosges in France (995);New Hieromartyr Alexander Vinogradov, Priest (see also [[February 23]]1938); Virgin-Martyr AnthonyMstislava Fokinoi (1938); Saints Erasmus New Hieromartyr Leo Korobczuk, Priest, of Laskov (Chełm and PaphnutiusPodlasie), monksPoland (1944); Saint TheodoreNew Hieromartyr Nicholas Troitsky, Priest (1945);'''Other Commemorations:'''Repose of Blessed Pashenka of Nizhny Novgorod (1934). <noinclude>[[Fool-for-ChristCategory:Calendar day templates|February 25]]</noinclude>

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