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Nectarios of Pentapolis

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''We hereby restore the ecclesiastical order of the Saint of our Century, Saint Nektarios, and grant to him all due credits and honors. We beseech Saint Nektarios to forgive both us, unworthy as we are, and our predecessors, our brothers of the Throne of Alexandria, for opposition to the Saint and for all which, due to human weakness or error, our Holy Father, Bishop of Pentapolis, Saint Nektarios, suffered.''
''PETROS VII''<br>
''Pope and Patriarch''<br>
''of Alexandria and All Africa.''<sup>[]</sup>
==Spiritual Children==
* [[Filotheos (Zervakos)]] of Paros
[[Category:Greek Saints]]
[[es:Nectario de Égina]]
[[ro:Nectarie din Eghina]]

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