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371 bytes added, 17:14, February 14, 2008
Language about the Church of France
:Yet Fr. John's exact wording was more precise than your continual edits.
:If you intention is to communicate that L'ECOF is not in communion with any autocepahlous ''or'' autonomous Orthodox Church, surely you don't object to this being spelled out explicitly. There are those, like myself, who may not understand the nuance of your wording, which implies a different reality. After all, an The Orthodox Church of France is not currently recognized by nor in communion with any [ autonomous or autocephalous church] is not necessarily a "patriachal" church, and some (the OCA) are not recognized by all "the ancient patriarchates." Yet the OCA does not recognize L'ECOF, either. Is L'ECOF in communion with some Orthodox Church, any Orthodox Church at all? If not, this wording better describes that and should not be changed to something more ambiguous.
:Looks like it's time for someone to freeze this section again. -- [[User:Willibrord]]
First, it isn't my language that I'm repeating. Second, how does your edit add ANY information? Is there an Orthodox Church you have in mind that is NOT included in the phrase "any of the Orthodox Churches in communion with the ancient patriarchates"? Your language is less precise and less accurate. There are disputes as to what Orthodox Churches are autocephalous, for example. --[[User:Fr Lev|Fr Lev]] 09:13, February 14, 2008 (PST)

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