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List of parishes in New South Wales

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*Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral of St George, Redfern. Dean: Rt Rev. Archim. [[Nabil (Kachab)]]. Assistant priest: V. Rev. Fr [[Nicolas Mansour]] (ret.). Deacons: Dcn Rafic Al Baba. Language: Arabic and English.
*Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Annunciation, Redfern. Dean: V. Rev. Fr Eleftherios Kambourakis Language: Greek.
*Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul, Strathfield. Dean: Archbishop Hilarion. Assisting Priests: V. Rev. Fr George Lapardin. [[Deacon]]s: Pdcn. Boris Evstigneev, Dcn. Alexander Kotlaroff. Language: Slavonic.
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