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'''Theotokonymia''' (Gr. Θεοτοκονύμια) is the defining of various names and titles given to the most holy human person of the [[Theotokos]], of which there . These are over 6,000. Most of them have been received into numerous in number but the primary title for the [[Orthodox Church]] through Theotokos Maria is '''Panagia''' from around the revelation of a vision, such third century as the appearance of the Theotokos to a [[saint]] in the Orthodox church or through a variety of other reasonsmost holy among Saints.
The names are defined in In the following list:'Greek Orthodox church, 'OrthodoxWiki linked:''* [[Panaghia Galaktotrofoussa]]* [[Panagia Gorgoepikoos]]* [[Panagia Pantanassa]]----''No OrthodoxWiki link (yet)''<!--- Temporary listing ... being updated/perfected in Excel on my local directory -->* Lady of has been established as the Source (Ζωοδόχος Πηγή);* The Great Lady (Μεγάλη Παναγία Πάτμος) of Patmos* The Theotokissa (Tilos) * Panagia of most reliable name for the Angels* The Great Lady (Μεγάλη Παναγία Πάτμος) of Patmos* Panagia of the Source (Ζωοδόχος Πηγή)* Theomitor * The Great Lady of Samarina (Grevena) * Panagia Megalochari * New Lady (Thessaloniki) * Panagia the Aimatousa (Cyprus) * Panagia the Vatopaidini * Panagia the Vella * Panagia the Vimatarissa * Panagia the Vlacharnea * Panagia the Vlefariotissa (Astypalea) * Panagia Our Lady of Help * Panagia Vresthenitissa * Panagia the Vrefokratousa (Sinai) * Panagia Vryoulon <!--* Lady Vrysiani (Karpathos) * Lady Galaxa or Thalassokratousa * Lady Galatiani (Kalymnos) * Lady Galatousa (Rhodes) (assistant Virgin Mary and is often combined with other titles to lechoides problematic in sucking) * Lady Angeloktisti (Kittion, Cyprus) * Lady Genesiourgos * Lady Crane (Patmos) * Lady Yerontissa * Lady Yerontissa (Monastery of the Pantocrator, Mount Athos) * Lady Georganiki (Mavromihaleo) * Lady Giatrissa (Mani, due to the health benefits) * Lady Agiogalousa * Lady Agiosoritissa * Lady Agiosoritissa * Lady Gkoumpelidiki (Kastoria) * Lady Glykophilousa (I.M. Philaret, Mount Athos) * Lady Glykophilousa (Lesvos) * Lady Gorgoepikoos * Lady Gorgoepikoos (Docheiariou Monastery, Mount Athos) * Lady Gorgon (Lesvos) * Lady Gourlomata * Lady Gourlomata (USA) * Lady Grigorousa * Lady Agrypniotissa (I.N. Transfiguration, Xanthi. Correct, cross attitude) * Lady Damasia * Lady Damasta * Lady Dekapentousa (Sifnos) (because Celebrating the dekapentafgousto) * Lady Deomeni * Lady Odigitria * Lady Diasozousa (Patmos) * Lady Dimiovitissa (Messinia) * Lady Diotissa (Kefallonia) * Lady Domiamitissa (Karpenisi) * Lady Doupiani (Meteora) * Lady Docheiarissa (Athos) * Lady Drosiani (Naxos) * Lady Dyochousaina (Psara) * Lady Evaggelistria (island) * Lady Efthriani * Lady Eikonistria (Skiathos) * Lady Eikosifoinissa (Paggeo Term) * Lady Eikospentarousa (Samothraki, celebrates the Mesopentikosti) * Lady Eleftherotria (Athens) * Lady Ierosolymitissa (Jerusalem) * Lady Eisoditissa (Aigion) * Lady Zervati (Northern Epirus) * Lady Marine (Andros, Temple on a rock at sea) * Lady Thalassomachousa * Lady Theoskepasti (Andros) * Lady Athiniotissa * Lady Lamentation * Lady Kavouriani (USA) * Lady Akathi (Akathistou Anthem) * Lady Kakaviotissa (Lemnos) * Lady Kakoperatou (Messokambos) * Lady Kaligou * Lady Kalopetra (Rhodes) * Lady Kaliviani (Heraklion) * Lady Kamariotissa (Xanthi) * Lady Kanala * Lady Kardiani (Syros) * Lady Kardiotisa (Crete) * Lady Kassiopia (Corfu) * Lady Shelter * Lady Ekatontapiliani (Paros) * Lady Katopoliani (Amorgos) * Lady Kapsodematousa or Tzila (punishes those who work the day of the festivities) * Lady Horn (Crete) * Lady Keriotissa (Zante) * Lady Kechria (Skiathos) * Lady Kissiotissa * Lady Koryfini * Lady Korfiotissa * Lady Kosmosotira (Feres, Evros) * Lady Koukoyzelissa (Holy Great Lavra, Mount Athos) * Lady Koumana (Patmos) * Lady Koufos (Samothraki, cure deafness) * Lady Kochi (Sifnos) * Lady Kremasti (Rhodes) * Lady Krina * Lady Akrotiriani * Lady Kykkotissa * Lady Kyparissiotissa * Lady Lady (USA) * Lady Kyra Chosti (Kalymnos) * Lady Kyra Tall (Kalymnos) * Lady Lagoudiani (Thessaloniki) * Lady Larniotissa (Karpathos) * Lady Eleousa (Agrinion) * Lady Eleousa (Monastery Kykkou, Cyprus) * Lady Lesiniotissa * Lady Eleftherotria (Salamina) * Lady Lechousa (Serres, because it protects who have recently given birth) * Lady Lithiniotissa (Lithines Siteias) * Lady Limnia (Skiathos) * Lady Iliokali * Lady Longovarda (Paros) * Lady Louviaritissa (Rhodes; in cells, they lived louviarides (lepers) * Lady Lykodimou * Lady Olympiotissa * Lady Elona (Kynouria) * Lady Makryni (Messokambos) * Lady Malevi * Lady Mantilousa * Lady Amartolon Salvation (Monastery of Aghia Lavra, Kalavrita) * Lady Amasti (hot) * Lady Stavlos * Lady Mafromolitissa (Fanari) * Lady Machairomeni * Lady Megalomata * Lady Megalospilaiotissa (Holy Monastery of the Great Cave, Kalavrita) * Lady Melachrini * Lady Mesitria * Lady Mesosporitissa * Lady Asbestos * Lady Ammomos * Lady Amolyntos (Sifnos) * Lady Monk (Sifnos) * Lady Baloukliotissa (Pilgrimage Baloukli, Constantinople) * Lady Baloukliotissa * Lady Ampelakiotissa * Lady Boria (Korçë) * Lady Myrrhovlytissa * Lady Myrsiniotissa (Lesvos) * Lady Myrtidiotissa (Kythira) * Lady Mirtiotissa (Kalymnos) * Lady Nafpaktiotissa (Nafpaktos) * Lady Wind (Samothraki, because stronger wind blows at the country church) * Lady Nerantziotissa * Lady Niamonitisa * Lady Nikopoios * Lady Antiphonetria * Lady Xenia (Xenia Monastery, Magnesia) * Lady Xenopoula * Lady Xesklavostra * Lady Xesporitissa * Lady oikonomissa (Holy Great Lavra, Mount Athos) * Lady Ouranofora * Lady Paleokasrtitsa (Corfu) * Lady Palatiani * Lady Panamomos * Lady Panachrantos (Andros) * Lady Pantovasilissa (Genesion Church of the Virgin, Rafina) * Lady Pantovlepousa (Thasos) * Lady Panton Joy * Lady Tales (Vatopedi Monastery, Mount Athos) * Lady Parigoritissa * Lady Parigoritria * Lady Existing (Jerusalem) * Lady Apeirandri * Lady Pelagiani * Lady Pelagonitissa * Lady Pergilou * Lady Defender * Lady Plataniotissa (Kalavrita) * Lady Plimmyriani (Rhodes) * Lady Politissa * Lady Polysporitissa * Lady Ponolytria * Lady Portaitissa (Monastery of Iveron, Mount Athos) * Lady Potamitissa (Kassos) * Lady Prousiotissa (Monastery Pyrsou, Proussos Evrytania) * Lady Protothroni * Lady Araka * Lady Orthokosta * Lady Arkoudiotissa (because marmarose a bear who was attending give more honour to drink water from monks) * Lady Armenokratousa (protects recently given birth by "" armenisma, epilocheio fever) * Lady Archangeliotissa (Xanthi) * Lady Archisporitissa * Lady Sarantaskaliotissa (Messokambos) * Lady Zacharo (Ilia) * Lady Covered (Aigion) * Lady Skiadeni (Rhodes) (image of St. Luke) * Lady Skopiotissa (Zakynthos, located in the village Morsbach the Roman Catholic church of Sther person. Gertud Germany then miraculously) * Lady Spiliani (Nissiros) * Lady Immaculate * Lady crown * Lady Synempastra (Kefallonia) * Lady Syntriani (Kea) * Lady Esfagmeni * Lady savior * Lady Tartana (Monastery Tatarna, Karpenisi, Evritania) * Lady Tourliani (Milos) * Lady Tritiani (Santorini; because Celebrating Tuesday day after Easter) * Lady Tricherousa (Holy Hilandar, Mount Athos) * Lady Trouloti (Lesvos) * Lady Tripiti (Aigion) * Lady Tsambika (Rhodes) * Lady Tsipiotissa * Our Lady of Revelations (free) * Our Lady of Revelations (Salamina) * Our Lady of Revelations (Aigion) * Lady Fidousa (Kefallonia) * Lady Flevariani * Lady Fodeliotissa (Fodele Iraleiou Crete) * Lady Chardakiotissa (Kythrea) * Lady Charitomeni (Kalymnos) * Lady Chelidonou * Lady Achivadena * Lady Chozoviotissa or Kynigimeni (Amorgos) * Lady Chotasia * Lady Achrantos * Lady Chrysaliniotissa (Cyprus) * Lady Chrysafitissa (Monemvasia) * Lady Chrysogalatousa * Lady Chrysokastriotissa (Plaka) * Lady Chrysoleontisssa (Aegina) * Lady Chrysoleousa * Lady Chrysomallousa (Lesvos) * Lady Chrysopantanassa * Lady Chrysopigi (Kapandriti) * Lady Cryssopolitissa (Naxos) * Lady Chrysospiliotissa (Athens) * Our Lady of Country Achoritou * Lady Rose Amaranton * Virgin Livadi (Patmos) * Lady in Makri (Alexandropolis) * Lady the Axion Estin (Protaton, Karyai, Mount Athos) * Lady of Aimyalon (Dimitsana) * Lady of Vlaherna (Constantinople) * Lady of Vouthynon (Kalymnos) * Lady of Kastrianon (Kos) * Lady of Passion (Chios) * Lady of Arginonton (Kalymnos) * Lady of the Crusaders * Lady of Tsoukchoyon (Kalymnos) * Lady Chalkeon (Thessaloniki) * Lady of Aharnon * Lady of Genatou (Cyprus) * Lady in the Grava Country (Patmos) * Lady of Domandriou (Lesvos) * Lady of the Garden (Milos) * Lady of Kykkou (Monastery Kykkou, Cyprus) * Lady of Makrymalli (Psachna Evia) * Lady of Melikarou (Skyros, the place where found) * Lady of Bali (Sifnos) * Lady of Baferou (Stemnitsa) * Lady of Passion * Lady of Papameletiou (Skopelos) * Lady of Apollou FOR R (Patmos) * Lady of Soumela (Vermion because it was found on Mount (at) Mela, in the Sea) * Virgin Mary of the Cross (Patmos) * Lady of the Ruler (Crete) * Lady of Death (Lipsi Ikaria) * Lady of the Holy Sion (Lady of Agiasou, Lesvos) * Lady of the Permanent Protection (Crete) * Lady of Kassos * Lady Sand (Sifnos) * Lady of Apokouis (Simi)* Lady of Siatipas (Macedonia) * Lady of Skripous * Lady of Telendos (Kalymnos) * Panagia Tinou * Lady of Pserimou (Kalymnos) * Platytera of Heaven * Timiotera of Cherub * Lady of Panton Protection * Lady of the Incredible Protection (Koutloumousiou Monastery, Mount Athos)-->
Most of these titles have been received into the [[Orthodox Church]] through the revelation of a vision, such as the appearance of the Theotokos to a [[saint]] or through a variety of other reasons:
a) From the pictorial representation of the Theotokos, such as the Megalomata, the Glykophilousa etc.
b) From the personal properties of the Theotokos, such as the Giatrissa, Faneromeni, Hodegetria, Eleousa etc.
c) From the age or the state of the iconographic image, such as the Machairomeni, Gerontissa, Mafriotissa, etc.
d) From the position or how the image was found, such as the Plataniotissa, Myrtidiotissa, Spilaiotissa, Theoskepasti, Tripiti, Fodeliotissa, etc.
e) From a miracle, such as the Portaitissa, Fidoussa, etc.
f) From the origin of the image, such as Soumela, Politissa, Athiniotissa, Chrysokastriotissa, etc.
g) From the site of the Church the image was found in, such as Sea,
h) From the Special gifts the image offers, such as Ampelakiotissa, Damasta, Palatiani, Olympiotissa, etc.
i) From the owner/founder of the Church the image is found in, such as Lykodimou, Kaligou, Perligou, Edge, etc.
j)From the date of an agricultural festival which coincides on that day, for example Flevariani, Mesporitissa, Polysporitissa, etc.
k) From the date of a local festival, for example in Sifnos there is an icon called the Virgin of Fifteen, which coincides with the fifteen day preparation period before August 15. In Samothraki, they celebrate the middle of Pascha and thus an icon has been awarded the title Virgin Eikospentaroussa.
Though the term Theotokonymia is derived from the Virgin Mary's Greek name [[Theotokos]], her surname's are derived from the various [[icon]]s that exist and in iconography '''Panagia''' is the term used for any particular icon of the Theotokos.
Listed below are a few of the most popular of these names:
*[[Panagia Axion Esti]] - the official icon representing Mount [[Athos]]
*[[Mother of God Assuage My Sorrow]] icon
*[[Panagia Athonitissa]]
*[[Panagia Blachernitissa]]
*[[Panagia Chryssopodaritissa]]
*[[Panaghia Galaktotrofoussa]]
*[[Panagia Glykophilousa]]
*[[Panagia Gorgoepikoos]]
*[[Panagia tou Harou]]
*[[Panagia Hodegetria]]
*[[Panagia Ierosolymitissa]] (Jerusalem) - The icon at the tomb of the most Holy [[Theotokos|Virgin Mary]]
*[[Mother of God Joy of All Who Sorrow]] icon
*[[Panagia Koukouzelissa]]
*[[Panagia the Life Giving Spring]] - ΖΩΟΔΟΧΟΥ ΠΗΓΗΣ
*[[Panagia Pantanassa]]
*[[Panagia Pelagonitissa]]
*[[Panagia Phaneromene]]
*[[Panagia Platytera]]
*[[Panagia Portaitissa]] (Mount Athos) - This most popular icon from Mount [[Athos]]
*[[Panagia Prousiotissa]]
*[[Panagia of Soumela]] (Pontos) - Painted by St [[Apostle Luke|Luke the Evangelist]]
*[[Theotokos of Tikhvin|Panagia of Tikhvin]]
*[[Panagia of Tinos]]
*[[Panagia Tricherousa]]
*[[Panagia Vlacharnea]] or Panagia Vlahernon
*[[Theotokos Vladimir|Panagia of Vladimir]]
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