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Philothei of Athens

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Overview of her life
== Overview of her life ==
* 1522 - Philothei of Athens was born in the year 1522 in the city of Athens and named ''''Revoula'''' (Regoula or Regille).* 1534 - When she was twelve years old, she was courted by a leading man in the city (nobleman). :She was pressured into marriage against her will. Vowed out of duty to the continue her family honour and inheritance.
*1537 - After three years, her husband passed away.:Once married, this This man turned out to be cruel and somewhat inhuman. He towards her, he would inflict her with various punishments.
*1547 - When she was 25 y.o.yo, both of her parents died.
:As an 'orphan' this freed Revoula to begin a more austere life. She strived for abstinence, vigilance and prayers.
*:In a visionone night, Revoula was visited by [[St Andrew the First-Called]] and ordered to build a convent for women in the name of St Andrew, the First-called.:This convent is located at the present site of the Archdiocese of Athens, west of the churchhis honour.
*Revoula is tonsured with the monastic [[Schema]] at the completion of the convent and received the name Philothei.
:The Saint became known for her mercy and sympathy.
*She had a martyric endin 1589.
*Mother Philothei was glorified as a saint by [[Patriarch Matthew II]]. In this procedure, she was called 'Righteous' only.
*Her precious relics are kept, to this day, at the [[Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens]]. The Unfortunately, the head of the saint is missing.
== Miracles of the Saint ==

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