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Photine of Samaria

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== St Photine of Samaria and those with her ==
(John 4:1-42) "Photine" (Svetlana in Russian) was the Samaritan woman who encountered Christ at Jacob's well. She repented after a very gentle and wise conversation with Christ and went and told her townspeople that she had met the Christ. For this, she is sometimes claimed as the first to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.
She converted her five sisters (St Anatole, St Photo, St Photis, St Paraskeve and St Kyriake) and her two sons (St Photinos, formerly known as Victor, and St Joses). They all became tireless evangelists for Christ.
== Hymns & Troparia ==
Hymns ..Kontakion:O Almighty Saviour, Who did pour forth water for the Hebrews from a solid rock: You did come to the Land of Samaria, and addressed a woman, seeking of her water to drink, whom You did attract to faith in You, and she has now attained life in the heavens everlastingly.
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