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Photine of Samaria

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== [[Image:Photini.jpg|right|frame|St . Photine the Samaritan Woman]]The holy and glorious Great-martyr '''Photine of Samaria and those with her ==''' (John 4:1also ''Photini'' or ''Svetlana''), [[Equal-to-42) "Photine" was the Samaritan woman who -Apostles]], encountered [[Christ ]] at the [[Jacob's Well (Nablus, West Bank)|wellof Jacob]]. She repented after a very gentle and wise conversation Tradition relates that the [[Apostles]] [[baptism|baptized]] her with Christ and went and told her townspeople that she had met the Christname "Photine" meaning "enlightened one. For this" Her [[feast day]]s are celebrated on [[February 26]] with those who suffered with her (Greek tradition), she is sometimes claimed as [[March 20]] (Slavic tradition), and the first to proclaim [[Pentecostarion#Fifth_Sunday_of_Pascha:_The_Samaritan_Woman|Sunday of the Gospel of ChristSamaritan Woman]].
She converted her five sisters ==Life==The [[Gospel of John]] (St Anatole4:5-42) relates the encounter of Photine, St Photothe Samaritan woman, St Photis, St Paraskeve with Christ at Jacob's well. She repented after a very gentle and wise conversation with Christ and St Kyriake) went and told her two sons (St Photinostownspeople that she had met the Christ. For this, formerly known she is sometimes claimed as Victor, and St Joses). They all became tireless evangelists for the first to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.
She [[conversion|converted]] her five sisters (Ss. Anatole, Photo, Photis, Paraskeve, and Kyriake) and her two sons (St. Photinos, formerly known as Victor, and St. Joses). They travelled to Carthage in Rome after the Apostle Paul and Peter had martyred to proclaim the Gospel thereall became tireless [[evangelism|evangelists]] for Christ.
In 66CE, under After the persecutions of Emperor NeroApostles [[Apostle Paul|Paul]] and [[Apostle Peter|Peter]] were [[martyr]]ed, they all met the crown St. Photine and her family left their homeland of martyrdomSychar, along with the Duke St Sebastianosin Samaria, to travel to Carthage to proclaim the close friend [[Gospel]] of St PhotinosChrist there.
They are In 66 AD, under the persecutions of Emperor Nero, they all celebrated in achieved the Orthodox Church February 26crown of martyrdom, along with the Duke St. St Photine is also commemorated on Sebastianos, the Sunday close friend of the Samaritan Woman during the Paschal seasonSt. Photinos.
There is some literature to suggest that [[Image:Samaritan Woman.JPG|thumb|left|St . Photine had six sonsmeets Christ at the well of Jacob.]]
== Meaning of "Photine" Hymns==[[Kontakion]] []:O Almighty Saviour, Who did pour forth water for the Hebrews from a solid rock: :You did come to the Land of Samaria, and addressed a woman, :whom You did attract to faith in You, :and she has now attained life in the heavens everlastingly.
== Hymns External links==*[ Troparia FSID=100846 Martyr Photina (Svetlana), the Samaritan Woman, and Her Sons] ([[OCA]])*[ The Holy Great Martyr Photine, the Samaritan Woman] ([[GOARCH]])Hymns *[ St Photini, The Samaritan Woman] <!-- ([[GOAA]]) --->
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