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The Orthodox Church believes the Eucharist to be a sacrifice. As is heard in the Liturgy, '''"Thine of Thine own we offer to Thee, in all and for all."'''
#At the Eucharist, the sacrifice offered is Christ himself, and it is Christ himself who in the Church performs the act of offering: He is both priest and victim.
#'''We offer to Thee'''. The Eucharist is offered to [[God]] the [[Trinity]] — not just to the [[God the Father|Father]] but also to the [[Holy Spirit]] and to [[Christ]] Himself. So, what is the sacrifice of the Eucharist? By whom is it offered? and to whom is it offered? In each case the answer is Christ.
#We '''offer for all''': according to Orthodox theology, the Eucharist is a propitiatory sacrifice, offered on behalf of both the living and the dead.

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