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[[Image:Salome.jpg|right|frame|St. Salome]]
The great and holy [[myrrh-bearer]] '''Salome''' was one of the women [[disciple]]s of [[Jesus]]. She was the daughter of St. [[Joseph the Betrothed]] and his first wife (who was also named Salome), making the [[Theotokos]] her step-mother. She married [[Zebedee]] and became the mother of the [[Apostles]] [[Apostle James (son of Zebedee)|James]] and [[Apostle John (son of Zebedee)|John]]. Her [[feast day]] is celebrated on [[August 3]]. As one of the myrrh-bearing women who brought spices to Christ's tomb and found it empty, she is celebrated as one who first brought tidings of the [[Resurrection]] to the world, especially on the [[Sunday of Myrrh-bearing Women]]. She was mentioned in the bible four times.
[[Category:Biblical Saints]]

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