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Theodoros II (Choreftakis) of Alexandria

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[[Image:theodII.jpg|right|frame|Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria]]
His Beatitude '''Theodoros II of Alexandria''', is the current [[Pope ]] and [[Patriarch ]] of [[Alexandria ]] and All Africa. He was elected following the untimely accidental death of Patriarch Petros VII.
In 2002, Metr. Theodoros was transferred to the Holy Metropolis of Zimbabwe, where he established four missionary centers in Harare, a Hellenic Cultural Center that could hold 400 delegates, two large missionary centers in Malawi, with a hospital, technical schools, and nursery schools. Aided by the Greek Parliament he renovated the Hellenic Square (School-Church-Vicarage) in Beira, Mozambique. He founded churches and contributed to the establishment of the Hellenic Communities of Botswana and Angola.
On [[October 9]], 2004, Metr. Theodoros was unanimously elected by the [[Holy Synod|Synod]] of the Alexandrian Throne as Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, succeeding Patriarch Petros VII who was tragically killed in a helicopter accident. The enthronement ceremony took place at the [[Cathedral]] of Annunciation in Alexandria, on [[October 24]], 2004. Present were distinguished ecclesiastical and civilian representatives and great number of faithful. His general missionary activity, as well as his affable character, are the reason behind the love felt towards him by all Africans, as well as by the communities of the Hellenes and Arabs of Egypt and All Africa.
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